Wheathampstead pre-wedding photoshoot

Wheathampstead pre wedding photoshoot

Pip and Christian engagement session

As a wedding photographer, I almost always convince my clients to have this session on our first consultation. This is a perfect opportunity to start to build a relationship which is vital for the big day. I met with Pip and Christian at the Cross Keys pub in Wheathampstead on a lovely misty spring morning.

We chatted about all the plans for the wedding which is taking place in the spacious grounds of this country pub. The day itself promises to be a Grand affair with people flying in from Australia and Europe, two huge marquees and a live band.

Choosing the right setting for your photography

Arriving ahead of our 10 am meet up to scout the area I found it was surrounded by lovely wooded areas. Spending a good half hour hunting for the shots I knew I wanted.

Finally, settling on two good spots with great backdrops. Most people are not very comfortable in front of a camera. Part of my job as a wedding photographer is to put people at ease.

My sessions always begin with discussing what kind of images they would prefer, we then work together to achieve that.

I introduce them to a selection of very easy poses and we work forward from there. Engagement shoots for me are a lot of fun, as it gives me an insight into how the couple interact with each other.

Sneak preview of your wedding photography

My goals is to show a couple the kind of images they can expect on the actual day itself. This I find relieves them of the worry about how their photography will turn out.

couple standing arm in arm in a wooded area
man with his arms around a woman looking at the camera
couple standing against a tree in the sun
couple facing each other with their arms around their necks laughing

Our relationship starts here

Pip and Christian are clearly a match for each other. I love engagement shoots it really creates a sense of trust that carries over into the wedding day itself. Many of my couples expressed a sense of relief once they saw the results of their engagement shoot.

As a result of this, I was able to deliver great photography on their wedding day. Pip and Christian were a typical couple for me unsure of how to proceed once in front of a camera. At the end of the session they were very happy we had a lot of fun. They went away secure in the knowledge that their wedding photographs will be one less thing to worry about.

couple sitting on a log in a wood with their arms wrapped around each other
emgaged couple walking hand in hand in the spring sunshine