Victoria & Dean

Brook Marston Farm Hotel


This quaint canal side venue really pulled out all the stops for this lavish wedding. An amazingly huge turnout saw Victoria & Dean finally tie the knot in style. A grand marquee was the perfect setting to host the evening’s celebrations. This was my largest wedding to date and my day began very early driving up to Birmingham to photograph the bridal preparations. The day was long but I enjoyed every minute of it, everyone was in great spirits and this is evident in all the shots I took that day!

bride getting her makeup done
bride and her mum toasting each other
bottle and glasses on a table
bridesmaids toasting the bride
makeup artist doing a brides eyeliner
girl on a bed reading a magazine
white roses in a tray on a table
bride looking in a mirror at her hair
bridesmaids and bride reading best wishes cards
silver wedding shoes
bracelet on a satin pillow
bride hugging her bridesmaid
bride having her makeup done in a hotel room
bride having her portrait taken by a window
bride looking at her flowers by a window
wedding dress hung in front of a window
guests at a wedding seated by a window
2 page boys smiling for the camera
close up of a grooms buttonhole
groom and his best man pose for the camera
groom and his dad standing in a garden
wedding guests seated in a hotel
bride & her dad walking to the altar
bridesmaids walking in a hotel room
bride & groom at the altar looking at an official
groom looking at his bride at the altar
bride laughing at her groom seated on a table
bride & groom pose with guests at a table
newly weds pose for the camera
bride & groom in a doorway being showered with confetti
bride holding bouquet walking down a path
bride and groom walking down a path
bride in her white dress standing with her groom
large group of wedding guests waving at the camera
wedding guests pose with the happy couple
groom and his groomsmen pose for the camera
wedding guests pose in a garden
bride and her new family pose in a garden
bride & her maid of honour holding their flowers look into the camera
bride and groom and their guests share a funny moment
a bride & her maid of honour share a joke
bride & her guest laughing for the camera
romantic portrait of a newly married couple
bride & groom sharing an intimate moment in a garden
wedding couple standing in a garden
bride hugging her maid of honour
tables laid out for a wedding in a marquee
wedding guests clapping the couples arrival
bride laughing with her groom at a table
groom making his wedding speech
man in a suit laughing at a wedding reception
wedding guest laughing at a reception
wedding guest at a reception
2 little girls dancing on a checkered floor
groom dancing with a bridesmaid
bride and groom cutting the cake
couple sharing a first dance together
wedding guests looking at a dance floor
groom with bride and bridesmaids on a dancefloor
A Day In The Life Of A Wedding Photographer