Vicky & Phil



The rural setting of Charnwood in Leicestershire was the perfect setting for Vicky & Phil to tie the knot, In a quaint little church packed full of guests. Then it was onto the local village hall for an evening of spectacular celebrations, that went on long into the night.

3 people standing in a kitchen
woman sitting in her kitchen
a wedding bouquet lying on a table next to a photograph in a frame
bride looking very thoughtful
bride in her kitchen laughing as she has her hair done
lady in her kitchen having her hair done
flowers on a table with a glass of wine
dainty pair of purple wedding shoes on a cushion
wedding dress hung up in front of a window
beautiful wedding dress lying across a bed
bride in her wedding dress holding her wedding bouquet
bride holing her flowers at the bottom of the staircase
bride looking down at her bouquet whist standing near a window
best man having his photograph taken in a garden
bride with her son at the bottom of the stairs in her house
looking down the aisle of a church
wedding guests walking along a path into a church
wedding guests standing on a green lawn outside a church
a blue wedding car with white ribbons on the front
bride walking down a pathway with her son into the church
bride being escorted into the church by her son
bride & her son standing in the archway of a church
a church choir waiting for the service to begin
groom looking down the aisle at his bride
proud son leading his mother into the church service
bride & groom standing at the alter listening to the priest
groom putting his brides wedding ring on her finger
bride & groom enjoying their first kiss standing at the alter
newly married couple standing in a church doorway holding their hands in the air
couple smiling at each other in a church doorway
wedding guests posing for a photograph outside a church
bride & groom with their guests outside a church
handsome groom with his jacket slung over his shoulder smiling for the camera
bride against a wall with her groom looking on in the distance
bride & groom enjoying an intimate moment
happy couple standing in front of a blue wedding car
newly wed couple having their photograph taken
A Day In The Life Of A Wedding Photographer
bride & groom smiling at each other as he holds her chin
bride looking at her groom as he looks into a camera
bride & groom holding hands smiling at each other
groom reading his speech at his wedding reception
bride wiping away a tear at her wedding reception
cute little girl holding daddys hand at a wedding
smiling teenager looking at the camera at a wedding reception
bride & groom pictured in front of their wedding cake
happy couple cutting their wedding cake
bride dancing with her guests on a dance floor
bride dancing at her wedding reception
a day in the life of a wedding photographer
bride & groom dancing at their wedding
couple embracing at a wedding reception
bride & groom hugging each other on a dance floor
bride & groom embracing on a dance floor