Mary-Ann & Josh

St Aldates Church


The sun drenched city of Oxford with its “dreaming spires” provided the almost perfect setting for the marriage of Mary-Ann & Josh. Our day together began very early and culminated in a picturesque setting on the bank of the river Thames.

makeup artist taking a phone shot of a bride in a sunny kitchen
bride reading a mobile phone message in her kitchen
wedding flowers perched on a wall in a sunny garden
a day in the life of a wedding photographer
bride smiling at her makeup artist
hairdresser adjusting a brides hair beside a window
bride to be reading her wedding cards in her kitchen
flowers at the altar in a church before a wedding
bride in her kitchen preparing to get ready
gold lettering on a white wedding dress layed on a bed
bride holding her bouquet standing in a garden
bride standing beside a window for a portrait photograph
close up shot of a lacy wedding dress
father of the bride poses for a photograph with the bride
maid of honour texting on her phone whilst having her hair done
maid of honours fascinator perched on a silver case
the maid of honour in her fascinator at the brides house
bride in her wedding dress having her portrait taken
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the bride & maid of honour pose for the camera
a wedding guest in his best suit reading the order of service
best man chats to the groom whilst holding his daughters hand
seated guests wait for the ceremony to begin
close up shot of the wedding rings on a stone wall
the grooms yellow buttonhole in his smart suit
best man holding his cute little daughter as he waits in his seat
groom gets his first look at his new bride
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groom waits for his bride to enter the church
cute little girl looks back at the bride as she comes down the aisle
the brides father escorts his daughter to the altar
maid of honour walking the bride down the aisle in a church
priest talking to the newly wed couple
bride looking at the groom with a tear in her eye
bride & groom standing at the alter in a church
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cute little girl posing for the camera at a wedding ceremony
bride & groom, best man and maid of honour in a church
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the wedding party group standing in a church
A Day In The Life Of A Wedding Photographer
groom holding his bride looking into her eyes
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the river thames from the reception tent
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the salad bar table at a wedding reception
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A Day In The Life Of A Wedding Photographer
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A Day In The Life Of A Wedding Photographer
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