Lyndsey & Paul

The Kettering Park Hotel


This amazing venue provided a perfect backdrop to Lyndsey & Paul’s intimate wedding celebrations. Once again the summer weather prevailed and the day was a real family occasion.

purple jimmy choo shoes on a table
little girl listening to her i phone
2 bridesmaids dresses hung on a wardrobe
bride and her hairdresser share a photograph
page boys suit hung over a chair
page boys brown shoes on a table
bride and bridesmaid reading cards
wedding flowers in a tray
glasses and champaigne on a table
makeup pots on a wooden table
bridesmaid having her photograph taken
groom and his best man getting luggage from a car boot
guests waiting in the lobby of a hotel
bride & bridesmaid doing their makeup
A Day In The Life Of A Wedding Photographer
bride holding a small child
bride and her mum getting ready for the wedding
bride having her dress arranged
bride in her dress poses for her portrait
groom posing for the camera smiling
groom adjusting his best mans buttonhole
groom laughing with his friends
groom shaking his best mans hand
close up shot of a watch
groom enjoying a joke with his guests
groom smiling at his guests at an outdoor wedding
two bridesmaids helping a little boy up a path
guests waiting for the ceremony to begin at an outdoor wedding
groom waiting for his bride at the altar
proud dad escorting his daughter up a path to her wedding
couple at the altar on their wedding day
bridesmaid reading at a wedding service
bride looks at her groom at the altar
couple signing the register at a wedding
couple walking down the aisle being showered in confetti
champaigne in a glass with a strawberry on top
small bridesmaids sitting on a bench
children running down the path at a wedding
wedding guests wave for the camera
bride & groom looking at each other smiling
bridesmaid covering her eyes whilst couple kiss behind her
couple walking down a leafy path in the sunshine
A Day In The Life Of A Wedding Photographer
newly weds pose in a garden for a photograph
bride & groom look into the camera for a photograph
hotel room prepared for a wedding reception
wedding guests laughing at the reception
groom reading his speech laughing
person holding a mobile phone at a reception
guest enjoying a joke at a wedding reception
guests laughing at the reception
bride & groom holding hands at the reception
bride & groom at the wedding reception
couple sitting on the bonnet of a car
candles on tables at a wedding reception
solitary candle on a white table
A Day In The Life Of A Wedding Photographer
bride & groom looking at their wedding cake
2 bridesmaids dancing together on a dance floor
bride & groom sharing their first dance
couple dancing with their daughter on a dance floor
bride embracing her dad on a dance floor
bride looking at her father on a dance floor
bride & groom on a dance floor