Wedding photographer tips for brides

tips for a bride on her wedding morning

8 tips from a wedding photographer

As a wedding photographer, I have photographed lots of different stages of a wedding. For me, the getting ready process is an integral part of the day’s story. Your wedding day is the culmination of months possibly years of meticulous planning. The nervousness, anxiety, and excitement have reached fever pitch and your dreams are about to come true. Whilst everyone will be ecstatic on your big day, you can experience a lot of stress!

You want to look perfect, and your wedding day should be everything you always hoped it would be. There will be lots going on and you will feel as though you are in the centre of a whirlwind. As your wedding photographer, I am happy to pass on to you some useful tips to ensure you have a beautiful, calm and stress-free start to your big day.

These tips and advice are not only going to help you enjoy your morning but will make you relax and look fresh at the same time.

Self-pampering the night before – you deserve it!

A wedding can bring a lot of happiness, excitement, surprises, and joy. At the same time, it can induce a great amount of stress, tiredness, and anxiety. One of the best ways to reduce this is to have a good old fashioned soak. Take a warm, soothing bath with your chosen essential oils, light some candles, and play your favourite music. All the stress, tiredness, stiff muscles will be gone in no time.

This is the time to have your room filled with laughter and set the tone for the evening. Manicure/pedicure, scrubbing, applying masks or nails art! Believe me; you will love this more than anything. Not only will this be a way to connect with your chosen inner circle but quality time worth spending.

Free yourself – no more planning!

Leave everything to your wedding planner or bridesmaids and free yourself from last minute hassles. You have been making arrangements for so long and have given so much of your time. This pre-wedding night is the time you have to stop worrying about things. Just sit back, relax and let others do their job. Everything will be fine and the way you want it to be, you are now officially the star of the show.

Goodnights sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep doesn’t usually happen due to so much excitement or adrenaline pumping you up, but still, it is very important to do. Close friends and family often surround brides, and there’s a pretty good reason to celebrate and enjoy. But, going to bed is necessary as you need to be looking fresh in the morning.

To get a good night’s sleep before your wedding, try to avoid too much alcohol or caffeine and spicy foods. Protein foods like eggs, fish or chicken will help you sleep calmly throughout the night. No one wants puffy eyes or dark circles on her wedding day!

tips for a bride on her wedding morning
tips for a bride on her wedding morning
tips for a bride on her wedding morning
tips for a bride on her wedding morning
tips for a bride on her wedding morning

 Hang out your wedding dress

It’s time for you to lay out your wedding dress, shoes, jewellery, accessories and all the other things you plan to wear for the day. Removing tags from these items is also very important. Doing all this now will save you a lot of time and stress later on. As your wedding photographer, I will be there to capture all the getting ready moments, which begin the story of your day which you will cherish later! Arrange all these items in an organized fashion so that you don’t have to rush for little things. Organised layouts will also help me to do my job efficiently.

Eat something

I understand how nervous and anxious you may feel on the wedding morning and it’s tempting to just skip breakfast. I know that it’s your big day and you are super excited and nervous at the same time. Not eating anything can make you feel dizzy or even nauseous during the ceremony and you really, REALLY don’t want that, right?

Having a good breakfast will help you get some energy and make you look active and fresh. If you are in a hotel, you can order your favourite meal or can ask your mom to deliver your favourite breakfast in your room if you are getting ready at home. Always have plenty of water to hand, staying hydrated is essential.

Treat yourself

Just before you jump into your bridal attire, you need to treat yourself one last time to look beautiful and fresh. Take a good warm bath using your favourite scents. Don’t forget to exfoliate your skin and wash your hair properly as these things are going to be a canvass for your make-up artist and hair stylist.

Have a good bridal cotton or silk robe and comfortable pyjamas with you and slip into them once you are done with your bath. In this way, you won’t have to worry about looking cooler when I arrive to capture all your casual pre-wedding preparations.

Set the mood

Having a calm wedding morning becomes easier if you have your favourite aromas in the room. Take out your best aromas or scented candles and light them. Any atmosphere is incomplete without music, so get a playlist prepared for this special day. The aroma and beautiful tracks will make you feel happy and relaxed while you are getting ready. This will also lift the mood of all the people present in the room making you and your wedding party just that little bit more intimate.

Choose your inner circle carefully

Some brides may become anxious easily even by the slightest remarks from their circle. If you are one of them, I would advise you to have a limited number of people with you while you are getting prepared. There will already be so many people in the room such as wedding planner, make-up artist and hair stylist. It’s your call to select who you choose to surround yourself with at this stage.

It can be your mom, your best bridesmaid, close friends or even your better half. The choice is all yours. I have often shared this time of the day with many brides. Friends and family can and often do, lend valuable support when it’s needed the most.

Enjoy the moment!

The most important thing is to enjoy and cherish every moment. It’s a big day for you and your family so try to enjoy it and just be in the moment. Once you are ready, I will be there to document your transformation into a bride. I will get stunning shots of all your entourage, wedding gifts, and flowers. All the special little details that go towards making your day memorable. Then once you are all made up and in your dress, I will shoot a bridal portrait session for you. This is a great occasion for you and it is here that you look your absolute best, and I really love this session.

tips for a bride on her wedding morning
tips for a bride on her wedding morning
tips for a bride on her wedding morning
tips for a bride on her wedding morning
tips for a bride on her wedding morning
tips for a bride on her wedding morning

A new beginning!

And so your big day lies ahead you are about to embark on a new chapter in your life. Don’t worry about the little things. Cherish the moment which is in the here and now. It is not necessary that things go exactly the way you have imagined. The most important thing is that your family, your soul mate and your friends are with you at this particular moment. They will be always there for you no matter what. Make your wedding morning stress free and happy by following these useful tips and make your wedding day memorable.