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Milton Keynes Engagement shoot was pure magic


Very knowledgeable friendly, and very professional photographer. our session was a truly educating and fun experience.  Highly recommended!      Ilona- London 
Fab session with the delightful Michael. He is fun, makes you instantly relax, and feel at ease. He is completely passionate about his craft and focussed on doing the best for you.  Jayne – Suffolk

Photography Workshops

Please note that all my workshops are for DSLR owners only


  • Just starting out with your camera?
  • Are you frustrated, thinking of giving up?
  • looking to improve your knowledge?
  • Would you like to be able to take better photographs consistently? 

Good news you are in the right place!

My workshops are structured to teach you how to get the most from your shiny new toy! or that neglected present that’s just sitting in a drawer gathering dust.

I just “point and shoot” right?

Many people buy an expensive DSLR and end up simply shooting on auto all the time. Your camera is a very sophisticated piece of technology. With a little guidance, perseverance and help, you can unpack the amazing potential that lies within.

  • Are you struggling with blurry images?
  • Confused with all the settings,
  • Need to learn the basics but can’t quite follow all those YouTube tutorials.

Don’t worry this is normal. Learning any new skill can be quite daunting. I will have you up and running in no time at all . . . guaranteed!

I am a professional wedding, headshot and portrait photographer. My photographic journey started way back in the 1970s

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A Day In The Life Of A Wedding Photographer
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bride & her dad walking to the altar

From portraits, landscapes, sports, people, animals and everything in between. I have photographed it all and I can help you improve whatever your chosen subject.

When I purchased my first professional camera, I spent about 18 months just shooting everything on automatic. After a while, I really wanted to learn some new techniques. I really wanted that lovely, dreamy, blurry, out of focus background in my portraits.

A friend showed me how to get off the auto mode and on to using AV. After spending a couple of years in the “creative zone” I realised I wanted even more control.

My turning point in Yorkshire!

Booking a weekend landscape photography course in North Yorkshire taught me how to use Manual mode. Spending 2 days in beautiful stunning countryside exploring all the possibilities that this mode had to offer

I now shoot full time in manual mode and do you know what, it’s very easy and yes you can do it

These workshops are perfect for those new to photography, and to those wanting to get more out of their DSLR. My sessions, have lots of hands-on practice where you will learn how to integrate all the different functions.

Understanding the terminology and vocabulary is a vital first step.


Please click here for details on my workshop for complete beginners.


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